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On-Site Assembly Polyester Tanks


KARMOD polyester on-site assembly tanks have been pre-manufactured in our facilities in pieces, and then assembled on the usage area by our professional team. KARMOD is one of the exceptional companies carrying out manufacturing up to 100,000 liters in tanks mounted on-site. It can be easily transported to the areas difficult to enter for buildings in need of large tanks, and its assembly to the usage area is completed. Since it is demountable, it can be easily transported thanks to its light-weight. No winch is required in transportation or loading. Polyester on-site assembly tanks are preferred in places such as basements of buildings, housing estates, social facilities, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, and military facilities. Polyester demountable tanks are manufactured as underground embedded type if requested.

Glass-fiber supported KARMOD polyester on-site assembly tanks are manufactured as being resistant to corrosion, dielectric, light-weighted, resistant to corrosion, and non-rusting. Our polyester on-site assembly tanks have been manufactured with different colors, don't require painting, and have long service-life. With its light-weight, it can be easily transported. It doesn't require maintenance for years, in case of any requirement of repair, then it can be easily repaired.