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Special Polyester Products

KARMOD, with its experience on polyester manufacturing industry, provides service to different sectors with special manufactures. Polyester is preferred in special manufactures of each sector thanks to its light-weight, resistant, and economical with respect to its equivalents. KARMOD will be your trusted assistant for your special manufactures requiring mass production with its manufacturing experience from mold manufacturing to raw material.

Glass-fiber supported polyester products are manufactured as being resistant to corrosion, dielectric, light-weighted, resistant to corrosion, and non-rusting. Polyester products have been manufactured with different colors, don't require painting, and have long service-life. With its light-weight, it can be easily transported. It doesn't require maintenance for years, in case of any requirement of repair, then it can be easily repaired.

Even though its light weight, polyester is preferred in many sectors. Reshaping by easily processing and its economical character make polyester products highly demanded. From 1986 to today, KARMOD is your trustworthy solution partner for polyester special products with its manufacturing experience in the industry. KARMOD special polyester products are always accessible from mold manufacturing to raw material purchase, and our experience on product development.