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Industrial Polyester Tanks

Industrial polyester tanks manufactured by KARMOD have been manufactured with its superior characteristics. With our experience created with knowledge of more than one-quarter, KARMOD is an expert in long life industrial polyester tanks. Our polyester industrial tanks can be manufactured in two ways including as complete in factory or on-site manufacturing technique with its demountable feature. After on-site assembly tanks are pre-manufactured in the factory in pieces, its assembly will be carried out by our experienced staff in the area of assembly. Polyester industrial tanks can be used for long years safely in areas such as food, textile, chemistry, and treatment. In industrial tanks, our technical service team also provide service. Polyester industrial tanks have been manufactured in different dimensions and sizes from 5,000 liters to 100,000 liters.

Glass-fiber supported KARMODpolyester tanks are manufactured as being resistant to corrosion, dielectric, light-weighted, resistant to corrosion, and non-rusting. Our polyester tanks have been manufactured with different colors, don't require painting, and have long service-life. With its light-weight, it can be easily transported. It doesn't require maintenance for years, in case of any requirement of repair, then it can be easily repaired.