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15000 Liter Industrial Polyester Tanks

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Technical Features

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Product Features

Raw material : Raw material used in our products is food grade, UV stabilized, anti-microbial, anti-static, recyclable, and 100% LLD polyethylene.
Resistance : Resistant to sun beams and impact.  
Color : Our tanks are white and blue colored, blue colored tanks won't moss.
Dimensions of the body : Product dimensions have ± (3%) tolerance. 
Body : Products are manufactured as a single piece (mono-block), there is no any attachment or fastener.
Conformity : Our polyethylene tanks are conformable with food substances regulations.
Chemicals : Our tanks can be manufactured as gasoline and diesel tank with 30% raw material change, transportation tank with 40% raw material change, acid tank with 30-100% raw material difference.
Maintenance : Our products are long-life, healthy, maintenance free, and can easily be cleaned with water.
Transportation : It can easily be transported and isn't damage during transportation.
Recycling : Our polyethylene products can be recycled. 
Sleeve : It can easily be mounted brass or plastic sleeve on any location of the tank.
Warranty : All our products are guaranteed against all manufacturing faults.
Fault : It is possible to repair against misuse.
Chemicals : It is resistant up to 65˚C.