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250 Liter Polyester Water Tanks

Product Images

Technical Features

LITER :250 L
WIDTH :55 cm
HEIGHT :110 cm

Product Features


Raw material : Glass fiber conformable to quality standards and highly- resistant polyester resin.
Resistance : Resistant to sun beams and impact. It shouldn't be subject to direct high temperatures, and it shouldn't be climbed when it contains water. UV stabilized, anti-static, anti-microbial, UV stabilized, anti-static, anti-microbial
Manufacturing : In 3 stages. Body, curved side covers, and legs. It can be manufactured as ready-to-use and assembled on site in narrow spaces.
Dimensions : Height is calculated by including legs and neck.
Chemical Conformity : Our tanks can be manufactured as gas, diesel, gasoline, and waste water tank with 50% raw material change, transportation and acid tank with 150% raw material change, and milk tank with 200% raw material difference.

Gelcoat : This is used against moss of water in food tanks. Generally, white is used, but any color can be used.

Underground : A 20% raw material difference will be applied for underground and waste water tank, also breakwater section will be placed for preventing collapse.
Maintenance : Our products are long-life, healthy, maintenance free, and can easily be cleaned with water. (It is recommended to clean with pressurized water once in 6 months. )
On-site manufacturing : On-site manufacturing can be made for a solution in narrow places of buildings.
Sleeve : Sleeve can be placed in any section of tanks. Our standard sleeves are galvanized.
Warranty : Our products are warranted against any manufacturing fault.
Fault : Our products are warranted against any manufacturing fault.
Thermal Resistance : Resistant up to 65˚C.